Welcome to Frogos Design!

Right off the bat, let me spill the beans on what all this is about. The motto of my shop is Be U | Leap Out Loud, roughly translated as be yourself and leap out of the crowd with flair. With that thought in mind, I play around with all the new product and design ideas. Because why not, right? We're all unique beings. One can riff on a guitar, another paints, someone else is the class clown, entertaining everyone around... We all have our potential and a unique set of traits, both good and bad. That's just how it is. Let's be proud of it. Honesty to oneself and the courage to show your originality to the world – that's the deal here! And Frogos Design can help you with just that!

So, what will you find here? Literally everything that pops into my head. :) From hardcore designs for rockers and metalheads who live and breathe the best music in the world, to fans of darkness, magic, and the goth lifestyle, all the way to horror enthusiasts. Do you enjoy creepy stories full of tentacles and menacing gods lurking in the depths of space and time? Well, great, you're in the right place because Master Lovecraft is a big inspiration for me. Same goes for Poe and other genre classics. But there's a lot more. Like cheerful prints perfectly capturing everyday struggles in the world, whether it's the dreaded Monday or the tough fate of IT folks in support. As I say, there's something for everyone.

So, why choose Frogos Design?

  • Great Prices

    I try to keep the prices as favorable as possible. Times are tough, and I understand that. But hey, you've got to treat yourself occasionally, right? :)

  • Fast Free Shipping

    After payment our supplier initiates the production of your ordered goods, ensuring the fastest possible free delivery.

  • EU Delivery

    The offer is available for the entire EU market, and it doesn't matter if you're from the Czech Republic like me, or from the other corner of Europe.

  • Unique Design

    I enjoy helping others discover their unique style or choose gifts for their loved ones. I offer original designs that you won't find just anywhere!

  • Secured Checkout

    Shop with confidence, knowing that your transactions and personal informations are securely processed, safeguarding every step of the way.

  • Customer Support

    Enjoy swift and friendly customer support at your service. I am here to assist you promptly throughout your shopping experience.

In conclusion? If you decide to make a purchase, I look forward to your order, and I'll do my best to ensure it ends with your happy 'wow'! You won't regret it, for sure! And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Either via email at frogosdesign@gmail.com or through any social media. The frog is almost everywhere. :D

Anyway, have a great day, and if you've read this essay all the way here, you're seriously awesome!

Thank you!